1-2-1 porting to Boxbay

HOW 1-2-1 works

1-2-1 is a Mechatronic arm capable to connect the ARMS plug applied the reefer container. It finds the connection plug using an RFID system.
This arm must be installed at "Terminal side" to allow the automatic connection of a reefer container.

Thanks to the just begun phase of industrialization our arm will be lighter, fast and economic and will be sure in a position to face the challenges that the world of the shipping will put before it.

This is the plug created by ARMS and its industrial partner SCAME.
This plug allows the automatic connection of the reefer container, the transmission of the electrical power it needs to operate and the download of the operating data.

The retrofit plug (once installed on all new containers) allows to manage the automatization, the electrical power connection and the data transmission of the reefer.

The ARMS plug® installation on all new reefer container as an additional “retrofit” will last for about 2-3 years.
The manual application of the removable “PlugBox®” will grant a “transition phase”, until the new standard will not be available in all the containers.
Its definitive installation, will allow the cohabitation of the ARMS system with the old standard on already circulating reefer units.

Our today goal is to allow the installation of the ARMS 1-2-1 inside BoxBay, minimizing the interventions necessary for the installation of the system.

1-2-1 installation on BoxBay

This graphic work is not based on precise measurements but only on observation of available graphic and photographic material.
The photographic material in particular was acquired directly on the recently tested portion of BoxBay, and it is therefore on this photographic material that we have based our (approximate) measurements.

In order to be applied to the BoxBay structure, the "ARMS 1-2-1" needs some minor adjustments to its standard.
In fact, the arm must be installed on one of the oblique axes that support the stories that houses the containers.

Also, on the structure of the BoxBay will be necessary some additions essential for the operation of the reefers and therefore of the “1-2-1”.
In particular, it will be necessary to reach the selected bays with a cable that transmits the electrical power needed to power the reefers and also the cables needed to manage the data that will be acquired from the reefers.
The necessary electric power (24V DC) to run the “ARMS System” will be acquired directly from the Solar Panels generated power of the BoxBay itself.

The yellow line represents the areas to be reached with power supply and data transmission

At the base of the "Electric Column" will be placed an electrical panel that will have the task of directing the electrical power to the reefers, to the ARMS System and managing the collection of data.
The panel will have a purely maintenance purpose, in fact all the operations of "power connect" and "Data collect" will take place independently and / or through the "TOS" connected by an ethernet or wireless line.
The ARMS Control Panel will allow also the Reefer Monitoring activity with the integrated ReeferRunner System developed by our partner IDENTEC Solutions.

The dimensions we have acquired from the photos suggest that the reefer slots should not be placed side by side but staggered.
With more information on the actual size of the BoxBay and a targeted adaptation of the “ARMS 1-2-1” it is possible to arrive at a "side by side" positioning of the reefers.

The white containers represent the slots that can also manage the reefers, while the blue containers indicate the positions that can only be occupied by dry containers

Slots equipped to accommodate reefers guarantee absolute flexibility and the “1-2-1” footprint does not hinder the placement of standard 40’ containers.
A slot configured with "ARMS 1-2-1” can’t manage 45’ containers.


This is a solution that can be perfectly integrated with that of the fixed arm, intended above all for the management of work peaks related to Reefer flows.
The "Connextainer®" uses a 20' slot to accommodate the "ARMS 1-2-1” intended to power reefers and manage their data.

Connextainer® full Electric

The "Full Electric" needs to be powered by a power line that as in the case of the fixed "ARMS 1-2-1" must be prepared using the BoxBay structure.
It also needs a connection socket in each slot that will be used with the "Connextainer Full Electric".

Connextainer® Gasoline

The "Gasoline" version is powered by diesel fuel, does not require electrical predispositions and will continue to operate as long as there is fuel in its tank.



Tri-Access is an idea that aims to speed up (or even automate) access inside the containers, significantly reducing the time required to put in place some procedures including fumigation and internal inspection of the container.

It is based on equipping the containers with a small watertight access road that must be inserted on the container door as if it were a dowel.
This easy-to-apply cylinder allows you to have a quick access route to the inside of the container bypassing the processes of de-sealing the container and opening the doors.

The Tri-access will be equipped with a die-cast plastic seal that will be affixed at the end of the procedures performed directly by the same equipment that accesses the container.

TRI-Access simulation on Boxbay

All these procedures are automatable and would therefore integrate perfectly into the BoxBay environment, perhaps hosted in an area below the structure similar to the one currently intended for container sorting.