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ARMS Srl has created innovative robots and systems to automate the electrical connection of reefers in port and naval environments, solving current safety and efficiency problems.

The products created are covered by various patents and are undergoing operational testing in Genoa; one of these has been installed in DP World’s BoxBay Automatic Warehouse in Dubai since December 2022, achieving excellent results

In addition to the automation of the reefer connection, ARMS is able to set up automated rack solutions with “container-shaped” modular construction which will allow ports to quickly and effectively carry out a radical transformation of the reefer sector.

A very significant example of reefer sector problems can be found on the walkways of the reefer towers, where the acoustic bombardment generated by the reefer compressors in operation exceeds the threshold of human tolerability and where the same electricians, who have to spend there a lot of time, have to handle high risk electrical connections that carry 380 V / 32 Ampere electrical current.

Another fact, no less, is that those in charge must reach the reefer towers by crossing storage areas where are working heavy handling vehicles such as cranes, forklifts and port ITVs, with the risks associated with these, historically incurring even fatal accidents. All these operations are managed in open environments and subject to all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

These facts, in addition to the obvious need to make operations more efficient, led us to focus on the reefer area in the terminal and on board of the ship as the primary object of our automation and digitization studies. In the last two years, thanks to the support of our industrial partners SCAME SPA, CROUZET SA, Nuova ICOM, IDENTEC Solutions, we have been able to design and build suitable automation systems.